Choosing the right hair extensions

Tips To Choose The Best Human Hair Extensions Human hair extensions can be a simple option to add volume and length, something that you might not have had the chance...
April 16, 2022 — Michael Pinster
Beautiful woman with long shiny healthy hair | Uniquely Tamed Hair

4 Reasons Why You Should Wear Human Hair Extensions

You see your favorite celebrity’s hair and you wish you had the same length, volume and shine. You also wonder how her hair can be this perfect even though she...
August 30, 2020 — Meera Ali
Beautiful woman woth natural black hair | Uniquely Tamed Hair

5 Hacks to Double the Life Span of Human Hair Extensions

Have you brought your favorite human hair extensions? If yes, then it is the time to take care of them as well. Even if you have bought high quality and...
July 01, 2020 — Meera Ali
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