Hair Length Chart


      If you are new to wearing or buying hair extensions, you may need to understand how human hair extensions are measured!

     For buying the perfect hair extensions length you wish, please make sure you are clear about how the hair length is measured. All the hair length is stretch to straight when it is measured, which varies from different textures.

   Straight hair is longer than wavy and curly hair. Wavy hair is longer than curly hair. 






                                 Wig Cap Chart 

       To find your cap size for a wig, use a flexible fabric or plastic tape measure and place one end in the middle of your forehead (just touching your front hairline), then wrap the remaining tape around the back of your head just above your neck hairline behind your ears and then back to the middle of your forehead.


 How to measure

      Measure from the point in front of one ear where your hairline ends, over the crown of your head, to the same point in front of your other ear. Measure from your natural hairline in the front, over the crown of your head, to the bend in the back of your head where your head meets the top of your neck.